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Review: Masego, The Safari Spa

Friday, July 27, 2012 @ 9:36 AM | 0 Comment [s]

All thanks to Gone Shopping (a site with fantastic giveaways daily ranging from minor to major), I was able to experience the massage at Masego, The Safari Spa. I won myself a pair of Masego vouchers (individually during June and July) which is worth $88 per voucher. The voucher allows me to opt from either The Signature Safari Facial or The Signature Safari Massage. I chose the latter and brought cousin along to have that de-stress we always needed from our hectic life.

We made an appointment at 7:00pm but we were 10 minutes late due to the massive jam near Tuas. Gentle tip for drivers: Unless you're a SAFRA member, you might wish to consider parking your car at Jurong Point and walk over. It takes 5-8 minutes and if you're early, you could stroll by the park.

Masego, The Safari Spa is inspired by the safari living, to create a relaxed atmosphere of nature all in the sub-urban area, Safra @ Jurong. Exiting the lift, this banner would be the first to welcome you.

Upon entering, you would hear the entire room fill with sounds of the birds and crickets chirping and a relaxing background music to go with. This alone, has made my mind relaxed although I'm feeling excited about the massage.

We were hurriedly rushed to the waiting area (as we were late), where we would have to fill in our particulars and medical history. The masseur left us to fill in while she went in to prepare the tents for us. Upon finishing, I took my camera up and off I go snapping again.

Each of us have a locker which contains a towel, disposable panties and shower cap. You would have to be completely naked without any lingerie and wrap a piece of "sarong" over you. I didn't take any pictures of that because we were in a complete rush.

Right beside those toilet cubicles are the shower rooms and beside that, is amazingly, a sauna room.

Even their hairdryer which allows you to set your time and the speed, is so unique. Cool yea?

I particularly loved this logo, it depicts a girl, which is obviously the sign for the toilets and changing room.

This is the tent, where you would have your massage and this entire area holds up to 14 tents. Most of which are separable by a curtain.

The bed in one of a tent, where you have your massages. You could choose to not separate tent with the curtain if you're not very particular about privacy. But I choose to have it separated as I'm sharing the tent with cousin who is very particular over "body privacy", haha.

One special thing I've noticed is that once they "close the doors" (which is drawing up the curtains), the tag would be displayed which states "occupied". This is a very great idea and the person who thought of this must be a genius.

Spotted this! The party and event they had previously with Vanity Trove and a few other sponsors. One look at the poster, I sense fun but it was sad that I couldn't join them!

After finishing our massage, we were brought to the little resting area where we get to enjoy their ginger tea and a little wet towel for us to clean up our hands that has the residual of their massage oil.

This in fact is the favorite corner of mine. I feel so relaxed and youthful when I saw this. The inner child side of me went totally crazy, except that I didn't yell. How I wished I could have this whole corner at home, and I promise to never leave home if my wish came true!

And well, all good things come to an end. So that ends our journey of our de-stressing massage today.

Verdict: Overall, I felt that the massage was so-so although I really loved the place. The voucher we had was for a 45 minutes massage but we only had a 20 minutes massage and masseur wasn't attentive enough. She was engaged in a conversation with me asking what I do for a living but she totally forgot her role. She didn't ask if the strength for massage was alright and if I felt comfortable.

I am the kind that if you don't ask, I don't take the initiative to request. So throughout the massage, I was bearing with the pain as my threshold for pain was really minimal and I woke up the next day with my shoulders and arms aching. Thinking back, I regretted not requesting for a smaller strength, serves me right.

If you ask me to rate, I'd probably give this a 6/10. Atmosphere is great but for a spa to be score, you need your masseurs or therapists to be attentive to clients and although clients are late, you should not rush them and simply cut their time short without informing. However, I believe that I would be visiting them again should I be given the chance to.

Details and Location of Spa:
Masego, The Safari Spa
Safra Jurong, 333 Boon Lay Way,
Level 3, Leisure Wing, Singapore 649848
Contact No: (65) 6790-1661

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